Dwayne Johnson and Jimmy Fallon Introduced the Jack Weight in This Hilarious Workout Video

Dwayne Johnson Loves His ‘Jack Weight!’

Dwayne Johnson. You have to love Dwayne, right? If it’s not for his body and his acting talent, then it is for his hilarious sense of humor. Keep in mind that this guy started out as a wrestler but has been able to evolve into a high-B list actor in a relatively short period of time. Job well done, Dwayne Johnson! And — instead of becoming high maintenance and full of himself, Dwayne Johnson has decided to take a very different approach. Yes, as you can see from his recent appearance on The Tonight Show, he has decided to keep his humor.

Jimmy Fallon and Dwayne Johnson — two multi-talented individuals that are very good at what they do! Yesterday, we shared the first part of their hilarious workout video series which showed just how out of shape Jimmy Fallon is — especially when you put him next to a gym fan and athletic gorilla like Dwayne Johnson. However, this second part of that same series will have you on the floor laughing hysterically. In Part 2, Dwayne and Jimmy Fallon spend a considerable amount of time introducing the Jack Weight – the fake model that came out long before the Shake Weight was released. It is absolutely hilarious!


Jack Weight, Dwayne Johnson, Jimmy Fallon

Dwayne Johnson. Jimmy Fallon. Jack Weights. Enough said.

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