Clint Eastwood is Aiming for an Oscar with This New ‘Jersey Boys’ Trailer

You more than likely have heard rumors about a biopic being filmed about the Jersey Boys, but may not have believed a single word of those empty rumors. Even when it was announced that Jersey Boys would be directed by the legendary, Oscar-winning actor/director Clint Eastwood, you probably still had some doubts. Well, all of the doubts that you have had about Jersey Boys until now can finally be laid to rest. As you can see from this brand new trailer, Jersey Boys is definitely going to be featured on the short list of Oscar-winning biopics in next year’s ceremony. One of the highlights of the trailer is that fans of the Jersey Boys Broadway musical will love it — especially since the main characters break the fourth wall to continuously narrate the story. If you don’t believe that this movie is going to be something else, then you clearly have not seen this trailer yet!

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