Jenny Lewis and Anne Hathaway Will Never Be “Just One of the Guys” – Even When in Drag

Jenny Lewis – a woman that was once upon a time strictly known for her acting but that nowadays is known more for her music instead. Jenny Lewis has taken the “artistic” approach to her music in a number of different ways over the years – including her popular music videos with eccentric concepts and A-list cameos. Jenny’s video for her newest hit single, “Just One of the Guys,” does not disappoint in that regard either because it clearly provides a little sample of both — A-list cameos and an eccentric concept. You see, Jenny Lewis is singing about being “just one of the guys” so she got Oscar-winning actress Anne Hathaway and Twilight actress/home-wrecker Kristen Stewart to dress in drag. That’s right – Anne Hathaway and Kristen Stewart are dressed up in men’s clothing and mustaches. We have to tip our hats off to Jenny Lewis for a number of different reasons because of this video.

First of all, we applaud her for breaking outside of the standard cookie-cutter music video boundaries that many other artists seem to be following today. Another reason why we applaud Jenny Lewis is because she was able to use a little help from her friends to make this music video even more special – which shows that she is a lovable person that other people enjoy working with and doing crazy things for! Can you imagine anyone else trying to get Anne Hathaway to dress up like a man in a music video? Jenny Lewis can and Jenny Lewis did! Even if you have never heard of Jenny Lewis or have no desire to listen to her music, you have to watch this video for the same artistic reasons why you fell in love with the OK GO music video for “The Writing’s on the Wall.” It is much more than just music. Jenny Lewis makes art!


Jenny Lewis

Jenny Lewis, Anne Hathaway and Kristen Stewart – in drag.

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