Jennifer Aniston: Here Are 15 Reasons Why Justin Theroux Put a Ring On It

Jennifer Aniston. You might remember her from her days as Rachel on “Friends.” Perhaps you might even remember Jennifer Aniston from her Leprechaun days during the pre-“Friends” era of her career. On the other hand, now that “Friends” has been off the air for 10 years, you might just recognize Jennifer Aniston from her movie roles (such as Horrible Bosses and We Are the Millers) and occasional TV cameos. It really doesn’t matter how long you have known of Jennifer Aniston or what you think about her acting skills (or lack thereof). The bottom line is that Jennifer Aniston is absolutely beautiful! Now that she is going to be getting married to Justin Theroux in the near (or distant) future, we thought that we would take a few moments to honor Jennifer Aniston and her beauty. Therefore, here are 15 reasons why Brad Pitt and John Mayer are both idiots for letting Jennifer Aniston go and why Justin Theroux is an idiot for not getting her to the altar yet.



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