Chances Are This Jenga Cat Can Play the Game Much Better than You

Do you remember the classic game of Jenga? You might remember playing it with your friends and/or relatives during an old-fashioned game night at your home. The younger generation might have absolutely no idea what Jenga is or the target objective of the game. In order not to make ourselves feel any older than we already do, we ‘re just going to leave that alone. If you need to have a quick refresher on Jenga, though, you can simply watch this Jenga cat play it. Everyone loves watching viral videos of cats and dogs. However, when was the last time you saw a cat that was capable of playing one of the hardest puzzle games of all time? This Jenga cat is definitely going to teach you a thing or two – especially when you realize that he can play Jenga better than you ever could! Keep in mind that this Jenga cat video has already been seen over 1.5 million times — making the Jenga cat one of the newest viral video heroes in the Animal Kingdom.

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