This Jeff Goldblum Wedding Photo Will Immediately Make You Want to Watch Jurassic Park!

Jeff Goldblum has been known for a wide range of memorable movie roles throughout his career that spans over more close to three decades! He is known for playing the role of the highly intelligent scientist/philosopher/TV producer or even just a quippy womanizer that can lure women with with and charm. However, one of the most memorable roles that Jeff Goldblum will always be remembered for the most was as Malcolm in Jurassic Park. That’s right! Such lines as “Much go faster” became iconic phrases that Jeff Goldblum is asked to say on numerous occasions by fans, critics and interviewers alike because of his impressive performance in Jurassic Park.

More recently, he was asked to play an active role in a Jurassic Park-themed wedding photo captured by Adam Biesenthal in Toronto. Even though this required Jeff Goldblum to basically dive back into a movie role that he was done filming more than twenty years ago, he was a great sport and enjoyed the photographic experience.

Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum can never say goodbye to Jurassic Park.

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