How Jean Claude Van Damme Reacted to Being in ‘Predator’ Might Shock You

Steve Johnson has become internationally known for his work as a special effects guru for major Hollywood blockbusters over the year s- including Ghostbusters and Blade 2. Over the years, he undoubtedly has been able to gather a vast collection of humorous stories while being on the movie sets for these films that many fans have never heard before. He was able to prove that in this hilarious, viral video that was recently posted online by the Stan Winston School of Character Arts. In the video, he discusses that Jean Claude Van Damme was completely confused about what he was supposed to be doing in the film. You see, Jean Claude Van Damme thought that he was going to be the villain fighting against Arnold Schwarzenegger — not that he was going to be disguised as a CGI monster that spends the majority of the movie visibly cloaked. Hilarious!

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