This Jay-Z and Beyonce RUN Movie Trailer Has a Surprise Ending You Don’t Want to Miss!

JAY-Z and Beyonce have had  a pretty big year in a number of different ways. JAY-Z sold his shares of the Brooklyn Nets to become a successful sports agent with lucrative deals coming in almost immediately after he made that decision. Beyonce released a surprise album overnight that is one of the most sexually aggressive and provocative albums of the decade. Their dirty laundry got aired earlier this month after TMZ paid a security guard $250,000 for the leaked footage of a fight between Solange and JAY-Z inside of a hotel elevator. However, they are trying to revamp their image as a powerful couple that is still “drunk in love” with the recent release of this viral video that is actually a movie trailer for a blockbuster film…that is never getting made. Featuring cameos from such actors as Sean Penn, Jake Gylenhaal, Emma Rossum and Blake Lively — this trailer features a little bit of everything -> sex, drugs, murders, money, etc. You will definitely think that it is for a real movie until the ending — when it says “COMING…NEVER!”

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