Jawdropping Toni Braxton Pics That Prove She Still Got it

Toni Michelle Braxton is her name. The name itself just tastes good when you say it. For the new kids who probably do not know about her, she is an American R&B singer-songwriter, record producer, actress and philanthropist. Mentioning the numerous awards that she has won would take up the whole of this article. Let us just say she has more Grammys than any of these new artists would ever dream of. Lastly, this woman is effortlessly gorgeous. She is about to hit 50 but still headlines the news for her flawless beauty. Here are some of Toni Braxton pics  that would leave you in awe.

We had to start all the way from the top so that you may know exactly what to expect as you scroll down. You will get nothing short of gorgeous physique, flawless skin tone, and beautiful hair. You may probably be wondering what she looked like when she was in her twenties.

There always has to be The Little Black Dress. It looks elegant on her. The fellow seated next to her must have been wondering what the ex-husband must have been thinking to let such a rare species go. Whatever regimen or tricks she uses to remain sexy and fit, she would make many millions if she were to sell it out to the masses. There are more than enough women who would go to the moon and back just to look as beautiful.

Enough has been said about her killer thighs. Articles, blogs, celebrity, and beauty magazines have written about her thighs. When explaining to the young girls that are still struggling with identity about fitness and gorgeous thighs, she has always been the reference. A number of celebrities have even confessed to wishing they had thighs like Toni’s.

After the Grammys, it is time to have dinner with friends. The black dress brings out the Toni Braxton that we all adore. It complements every inch of her beauty. It is just a reminder that she still holds her own and that age is but a number.

It looks like you are not the only one who does not believe about this beauty. Toni herself is probably wondering how she keeps getting better with age. She is a masterpiece.

Even when she is all teary following a nasty divorce, she still looks great. That is raw beauty and Toni has it all. The many new celebrities should try to borrow a leaf from her book. At her late 40s and still going strong, you do not get to see that every day; not in a world where surgical procedures to enhance beauty are the order of the day.


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