You Won’t Believe Who 5-Year Old Jathan Muhar Wants to Be – But It Will Make You Smile

Do you remember when you were a kid and had big dreams about who and what you wanted to be when you grew up? Perhaps you were able to fulfill those dreams. Maybe you are still working towards them. In this viral video, you are going to get a preview of what this adorable preschool graduate wants to be when he grows up. Or, rather who he wants to be when he grows up. That’s right! Jathan Muhar wants to be the Caped Crusader himself and he let the world know this simply by saying, “I’m Jathan Muhar and I want to be Batman!” With advanced technology and the digital currency, who knows? Perhaps preschool graduate Jathan Muhar will actually get a chance to fulfill his dream and become the Caped Crusader in real life. Keep dreaming, Jathan Muhar! You might actually be much closer to the cape and cowl than you think.

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