Jason Kidd Proves That He is the Biggest Idiot of All Time Yet Again

Jason Kidd – a mediocre NBA player that was able to play on a number of different teams throughout his lengthy career on the court that decided to go straight from playing to coaching as a head coach without taking a single season off. Which team picked him up? That’s right! The Brooklyn Nets – a team with a massive amount of potential, a newly revamped image and a blockbuster trade that loaded his starting lineup with a massive amount of veteran talent. The team even allowed Jason Kidd to work out his personal issues (especially inside of the courtroom) and still coach their team. Even though he made a lot of mistakes throughout the season, Jason Kidd was still able to get the Brooklyn Nets to the playoffs. Without a doubt, everyone would have thought that Jason Kidd would do the smart thing and stay with the Brooklyn Nets — moving into his second season of coaching. However, since the team ownership and upper management would not give him the operational control that he wanted, he decided to search for other offers. As you may have heard, he has confirmed that he will be serving as the head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks next season…and not the Brooklyn Nets. Therefore, Jason Kidd has clearly proven (once again) that he is the biggest idiot of all time. Way to go, Jason!

NBA: Playoffs-Toronto Raptors at Brooklyn Nets

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