His Girlfriend Filled a Jar with Things She Loves About Him – You’ll Never Guess HIS Favorite!

Out of All the Things She Loves About Him…

As a gift, his girlfriend decided to fill an entire jar with little sheets of paper that explain the different things she loves about him. He flipped through all of them, but he decided to share his absolute favorite point with the rest of the world on Reddit. What did he choose?

I love…that we dislike the same people!

she loves about him

“I love that we dislike the same people!”

That’s right! WOW! Who would have ever thought that would even be possible in the first place? You might not have ever thought that this would even be something lovable, but chances are that you feel the same way about your significant other, right? Maybe not. However, you can at least take notice of the things that she loves about him, right?

[Image Credit: NuclearThane]

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