Watching These Japanese School Girl Ninjas Will Make You Think You’re At the Movies

Japanese School Girl Ninjas.

Doesn’t that sound like the movie title to an upcoming blockbuster hit or summer smash at the box office? It does, right? Can you picture the Japanese School Girl Ninjas attending class in the day and then fighting crime at night? That is basically what the girls in this viral video are capable of doing. When the video first starts, it will look like they are just two innocent school girls having fun playing with one another. However, when they start doing parkour – jumping and flipping from the roofs of buildings – you will quickly realize that they are so much more. SUNTORY posted this video on YouTube recently and it went viral almost immediately – being viewed over 850,000 times! We have already seen Spider-Man and Pip Anderson do parkour, but now you get a chance to take a glimpse at the Japanese School Girl Ninjas getting busy and showing those guys how it’s done!

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