Drinking Frozen Hot Chocolate as Fast as This Guy CAN’T Be Good for You – But He Did It Anyway

He’s done it again. Jamie McDonald has recently broken a brand new record in Santa Claus, Indiana at Santa’s Candy Castle. He was able to challenge their famous frozen hot chocolate (The Avalanche) and won! Within only 40 seconds, Jamie was able to gulp down this 64 oz Avalanche frozen hot chocolate. Keep in mind that this is in no way, shape or form the average glass of chocolate milk. The Avalanche is made out of 24 ounces of whole milk, whipped cream and an entire pound of dutch cocoa — clearly the epitome of all brain freezes! Watching Jamie drink this frozen hot chocolate so fast will either excite and impress you or utterly disgust you. Find out which reaction you will make by watching this viral video right now!

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