James Franco Reveals His Quirky Side on Vine

The 37-year old Hollywood actor is also a filmmaker and a teacher. The star has graduated from several universities and colleges namely University of California, Columbia University, Tisch School of Arts, Brooklyn College, Warren Wilson College, and got his Ph. D. in Yale University.

This versatile actor gained worldwide popularity in the 2002 superhero movie, Spider-Man, where he played the role of Harry Osborn, the son of the Green Goblin and at the same time Peter Parker’s best friend.

Franco has mixed nationalities as his father was Portuguese and Swedish while his mother was of Jewish descent. Both his grandmothers were accomplished in the fields of writing and art.

He claimed that he was interested in taking up marine zoology but his heart was more into acting. He enrolled as an English major in University of California, Los Angeles but then stopped and chose to undergo acting lessons instead.

And so, his decision was absolutely right because as we see him now, this Franco is an accomplished actor having starred in many successful Hollywood films.

With all those mentioned above, we may stereotype him as being so into the Showbiz buzz. But wait, there are several sides of James Franco that you might still have not seen.

Below are some of his Vine posts that reveals some of them.


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