Jake Gyllenhaal Doesn’t Report The News in This Nightcrawler Movie Trailer – He MAKES It!


Jake Gyllenhaal has been nominated for an Oscar in the past. He has had quite a few memorable movie roles that argumentatively should have won him the Oscar. However, this highly-anticipated, critically acclaimed role in the upcoming movie from Open Road Films known as NIGHTCRAWLER is definitely going to turn heads and place him towards the top of the list of front-runners for the Best Actor award.

In the movie, Jake Gyllenhaal plays a desperate “hard worker” looking for a job in the news industry. Instead of simply reporting the news that has already happened, it appears that Jake takes more of an active role in making the news just so he can always be the first person at the scene of the crime to report it. What do you think? Is NIGHTCRAWLER going to be the career-changing movie for Jake Gyllenhaal that finally gets him the recognition that he deserves?



Will Jake Gyllenhaal win an Oscar for Nightcrawler?

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