Introducing The Mobbo | Electric Unicycle

We here at Qlty Ctrl love innovative machinery. Stuff that makes us go, “Wow I’d really like to own that before everyone else”. If you’re familiar with the Segway, the Mobbo goes a step above and beyond in terms of simplicity, ease of use, and convenience.

Imagine your perfect ride and stop worrying about where to park your car, how to get a taxi, how to lock your bike or where to fuel your vehicle: mobbo is the answer to all of these worries. Light, portable, electric & revolutionary, it will take you everywhere you need.



Easy to carry, fun to ride – Just stand on the mobbo and get it moving

Green Energy

Electric motor – No pollutants

Be Cool

You know your destination, let others wonder where you’re heading

Check out the video to see exactly how cool this machine is. If you’re interested in learning more, visit the Mobbo website here. If you’re sold after this video and want to purchase one now, click here. Enjoy!

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