Here’s What Would Happen if the Earth Stopped Spinning – Brace Yourself!

Did you know that the Earth continuously spins at a rate of 300 meters per second? You might think that (at that speed) you would be able to feel it a little. But you don’t which is why many people don’t even believe that the Earth is spinning at all. However, science has proven that you should never let that assumption cause you to become doubtful, because if the Earth stopped spinning chaos would break out around the world. One of the first things that would happen if the Earth stopped spinning is that everything and everyone would fly east at a speed of about 1,000 miles per hour. Can you believe that? Michael from VSauce explains that this is just the beginning — you won’t believe what else would happen as part of the ripple effect if the Earth stopped spinning. Trust us — after seeing this video, you will appreciate the Earth (and your science teacher) so much more! You will also find the irony in how the Earth spinning so fast can keep everything that is on the Earth stable and balanced. Interesting!

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