This Idiot’s Guide to Smart People and Sports Can Possibly Help You More than You Think!

Do you need to use an idiot’s guide to smart people when it comes to sports? Even if you probably don’t want to admit it…you do. Chances are that you have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to sports – especially if you’re not a big sports fan and don’t really make the time to study and watch the games like most of your co-workers, neighbors and classmates.

However, this idiot’s guide to smart people and sports will help you to realize something that you more than likely never have before – it’s all just a master strategy! The objective of that strategy? Well, you are simply going to have to learn more about the idiot’s guide to smart people from Above Average themselves in order to find out.


guide for smart people

Is this idiot’s guide for smart people correct?

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