How To Master The Art Of Picking Up Girls

Men and women are like night and day. This applies to almost every aspect of their existence. Unfortunately, they have to co-exist together under planet earth and it so happens that a certain force keeps drawing them to each other. The force is so strong in men that they have to be the ones to make all the moves. While for some, picking up girls comes quite naturally for them, others usually find themselves at a loss when the opportunity presents itself. This is how to go about it and succeed.

Be Prepared.

Whoever said that opportunity comes to the prepared wasn’t talking about career opportunities only. There are pretty girls everywhere: your neigbourhood, shopping centre, school, work place, the mall, and in church too. You just have to get your bullets ready to shoot.

Dress the Part

Dressing well and generally looking sharp is very important. You may have the wittiest pickup lines or humour the size of the red sea, but if you don’t dress the part, then your chances of getting the girl are close to zero. Your image is the first thing that anybody sees before you make any move. It is your selling point. Work on it to perfection if possible.

Be Confident

There is no substitute for this. You just have to work on it till you get it. It is what will score you big bonuses anytime you are out hunting. Girls usually like to walk in pairs and some in groups. Lacking the confidence will only leave you making excuses to avoid making the approach. Women are usually attracted to confident men. Being shy will only leave you riding solo for the rest of your life.


Don’t go out all cocky like you are Adam and this is the garden of eden. One action of disrespect inappropriate word could earn you more than just her wrath. Your actions could either make or break the deal for you. It is only appropriate that you show her some respect considering that you just met her

The Conversation

For all it is worth, avoid using pickup lines. They are overrated and overused. Furthermore, you will have to cram them and in the event that you use one and it does not work, you will be deflated completely. Striking a casual conversation then getting to personal issues as you progress is your best bet. Complement her but do not over do it. Engage her and keep the conversation going, along the way you will find something she really likes talking about. Listen, make a few contributions, and throw in some humor.

Eye Contact

Keep eye contact with her during the conversation but do not stare. This is especially when she is talking to you. it shows her that you are listening to whatever she is saying.

Do not rush anything. Once you play your cards well, it would not be hard to get her number and the second date will be coming your way faster than you thought. The trick is to keep her intrigued and interested at the same time.

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