How To Hit On Your Friends And Get Away With It

Flirting is an art. However, not every person knows how to get away with hitting on his or her friends. You may like your friend but do not know how to get away with flirting since you do not want a relationship to come between what you share. With the right tips you will hit on your friend without being noticed.

How To Hit On Your Friends And Get Away With It?

One of the easiest way to flirt with a guy and get his attention is to lock eyes for a few seconds and then look away.

This stirs an interest an them making them want to find out more about you without being triggered. You will intrigue them without making them seem so interested.

Always smile and act happy.

Most people cannot resist a charming smile. Any person looking happy is a show of good things. No one wants to be associated with a person that only promises gloom in their life. A happy smile is a win all the time.

You can imitate the other person’s body language and respond in a similar manner.

This tells them that there is a connection that cannot be ignored. Every person wants to know that there is someone who understands him or her even when they have not spoken. For the ladies, there is always an advantage with showing off your neck make things interesting wear red lipstick as this always gives off a mysterious feel that most men will die to find out.

Playing your cards right can get you the guy or girl you desire without being too obvious. Just know what you want ad advance confidently. Mastering to flirt is the hardest part.

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