How To Approach A Girl You Found At The Bar

Have you ever tried to approach a woman in a bar but had no clue how to go about it let alone the nerve to do it? Sometimes the thought of doing it gets your palms sweating. Luckily, all this can change when you know what to do.

Approach Women

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Contrary to what you may think, a beautiful woman will not scream at you when you approach. Do not let our fear of rejection get in your way without eve giving yourself a chance. Most beautiful women love the attention because it makes them feel great and flattered. This only means that their answer will be something between neutral and positive.

Be a pro at asking for her contacts by realizing that you do not need to ask for her number. Instead, request for her email address. Chances are that she will write it down immediately as she considers it less risky and more business-like. While at it, request for her card. Well, most women do not have business cards but make her play along. Ask her to make one for you as you wait. You can give her your own card to make an impression. By the end of your game, you will have all the contact details you need.

The moment she is willing to give you her email address waste no chances. Give your name and ask for hers. You are likely to engage in small talk afterwards, as she will be more comfortable with you. Make sure you are not classified as a friend if you intend to be more than that. Be confident as shy guys always get the automatic possible friend ranking since women want man that is confident and sure.

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