You Won’t Believe What is Inside of THESE Hot Pockets

Do you love Hot Pockets? Who doesn’t, right? They are delicious, beefy and very filling – especially if you choose the perfect flavor – like barbecue chicken or even cheeseburger. However, a recent recall proves that what could be hiding within that breaded pocket of meat could actually kill you.

Nestle USA recently issued an official recall for two different types of Hot Pockets after one of their meat supplier’s recalled their beef. Therefore, if you have either Philly Steak & Cheese or the croissant crust Philly Steak & Cheese flavor in your freezer, you need to take them back to the store ASAP.  The meat supplier in question, Rancho Feeding Corp., actually recalled nearly nine million pounds of their beef simply because the company had processed “diseased and unsound animals” according to a report issued by the United States Department of Agriculture.  That, of course, classifies their meat as being “unfit” for human consumption. 

Therefore. if you noticed that your Philly Steak Hot Pocket didn’t agree with your stomach, now you know why…

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