Horrible Bosses 2. If You Liked the First Movie, You’re Gonna Love This Trailer!

Horrible Bosses 2. As soon as the first official announcement of a sequel to the hilariously funny Horrible Bosses was first made, millions of people almost immediately got excited! Keep in mind that Horrible Bosses was one of the first times that we got to see just how much of a nasty girl Jennifer Aniston (aka “The One That Used to Be Rachel”) could be — and just how good she was at being bad. From this teaser trailer which was recently released by Warner Bros, you can clearly see that this sequel is probably going to be even more hilarious than the first movie. Horrible Bosses 2 very well could be the funniest movie of 2014 – especially since it seems to be bringing back all of your favorites that survived the first movie. What do you think?

Horrible Bosses 2. Enough said.

Horrible Bosses 2. Enough said.

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