Here is How You Can Create Retracting Wolverine Claws from Home

One of the most impressive features of Wolverine has always been his retractable claws – you don’t need to be a fan of X-Men or comic books to know this. However, the concept of Wolverine claws goes above many people’s heads as it is classified as fantasy and something that could never happen in real life. That is, of course, until Colin Furze decided to create a set of Wolverine claws from his home and then released this viral video to the rest of the world – teaching us all how to do the same thing. While you wait for the newest X-Men movie to be released on May 23rd so you can drool over Wolverine claws on the big screen, do yourself a favor and learn about how you can make Wolverine claws from the comfort of your own home right now.

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