They Went to Home Depot to Shop – But Got So Much More…in Slow Motion!

Can you imagine going to your local Home Depot to shop for different items for your home and notice that over 200 of the customers inside of the store at that time are all moving in slow motion? How would you react? Better yet, what if (after about 5 minutes) all 200+ of those customers that were walking in slow motion froze in place like stiff mannequins for an additional 5 minutes? Would you run out of Home Depot as fast as possible? Would you think that the world was coming to an end? Or, would you laugh hysterically like many of the people did in this viral video? The prank masterminds over  at Improv Everywhere were able to create this surreal experience and the video has already gone viral. As you are watching this slow motion prank, take a few moments to think about how you would have reacted if that really happened in your store. Why? Well, if you have seen any of Improv Everywhere’s other viral videos in the past, then you know that it is a possibility that the next neighborhood they visit….will be yours!!


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