What the Heck Happened to Kanye West?

When Kanye West first landed in the music industry as a hip-hop producer, his beats and overall flow completely took the world of hip-hop and music by storm. He was able to reach all fans – young and old – in a way that had not been done before. Even when he was just making beats for other performers and producing other hit songs for hit artists, you could tell that something was different about him.

However, all of that changed at one point in time. His ego got the best of him. Now, he is no longer known for revolutionary hip-hop music and production. He is more known as the guy who rants about stupid stuff, claims he is a God and seems to be high on some serious drugs every single time he commits to an interview – which only leads to YouTube artists going viral by remixing that footage into funny videos and Internet memes. He has gone from the guy behind the classic hit “Stronger” to the ignorant rapper that seems to get weaker and weaker with every single visit from the paparazzi or neighborly photographer. Kim Kardashian clearly has only made the problem worse, because he is definitely not getting any better. What would his mother think if she was still alive today?

What the heck happened to the Kanye West of old? During his recent appearance on “Late Night with Seth Meyers”, Kanye performed a medley of many of his Billboard hits from over the past decade. Pay attention to the quality of the music, lyrical content and overall performance as it shifts downward towards the end of the medley. What do YOU think about this? Has Kanye West crossed the point of no return?

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