What Happens When You Combine Best Picture Nominees with PIXAR Movies?

It seems that PIXAR is always nominated for animated feature with their releases – as if the category itself was specifically designed for PIXAR. This animated movie studio has recently gone viral for releasing their take on other movies that originally had nothing to do with them. Therefore, here are several movie posters from this year’s Best Picture nominees remixed and redone with PIXAR characters as the lead actors. Which Best Picture nominee picture is your favorite?

Syndrome - "The Incredibles"

Syndrome – “The Incredibles”

Woody - "Toy Story"

Woody – “Toy Story”

Merida - "Brave"

Merida – “Brave”

Carl Fredricksen - "Up"

Carl Fredricksen – “Up”



Eve - "Wall-E"

Eve – “Wall-E”

Alfredo Linguini - "Ratatouille"

Alfredo Linguini – “Ratatouille”

Nemo and Dory - "Finding Nemo"

Nemo and Dory – “Finding Nemo”

Frozone - "The Incredibles"

Frozone – “The Incredibles”

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