This Guy Found an Empty Church And Used It to Perform the Best Halo Theme Song Cover EVER!

Singing the Halo Theme Song in an Empty Church? Really?!

If you were hiking through Switzerland and came across an empty church, what would you do? Well, Rdub and his friend Max decided to use the acoustics in an empty church that they found to perform an amazing cover of the Halo theme song. That’s right! Of course, this is a tune that will automatically be recognized by fans and critics of the popular Halo gaming franchise. However, it might be unrecognized and unfamiliar to many other people. Whether you can quickly recognize the Halo theme song or not when you first hear it does not matter. At the very least, you need to at least take a moment to enjoy (1) this guy’s amazing voice (2) an amazing piece of music overall and (3) a reminder of just how good the acoustics inside of an empty church can be. This guy used these acoustics to perform a Halo theme song cover. What do you think the next copycat of this video will perform?


Halo theme song

Best cover of the Halo theme song EVER!


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