Halle Berry SHOULD Be Angry. You’d Be Mad Too If You Paid This Much in Child Support

Halle Berry is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Many different magazines, publications and award shows have recognized her for having this particular accolade and accomplishment. However, you might not see very many beautiful pictures of Halle Berry for the next few days or even a few weeks. She was recently ordered to start paying her first baby daddy – former model Gabriel Aubry – $16,000 a month for child support. Keep in mind that their daughter (Nahla) is only 6 years old, which means that Gabriel could be getting this amount of money every month for the next 12 yearsJust in case you haven’t done the math yet, this means that Halle Berry will be paying this guy $200,000 every year! On top of that, she also has to retroactively pay the $445,000 in legal expenses that he had for his custody dispute. Therefore, let’s pay attention to Gabriel Aubry and his overall scorecard, shall we?

Gabriel Aubry, an unknown model that no one even cared about 10 years ago:

(1) Had an intimate, long-term relationship with the one and only Halle Berry

(2) Was able to actually tell people about his relationship publicly

(3) Successfully got Halle Berry pregnant, who later gave birth to one of the most beautiful children in the world

(4) Will be getting $200,000 a year to raise that beautiful child directly from Halle Berry herself


Halle Berry Angry And Protective Of Daughter Nahla

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