This Guy Can Do 30 Animal Sounds Perfectly — The Question is, “Do You Care?”

YouTube is filled with viral video stars that have been able to get their 15 seconds of fame and reach one million hits with their voices one way or another. Think about all of the YouTube stars that have built a massive following just by performing original covers of popular songs.  Justin Bieber was able to launch a multi-billion dollar empire from his own YouTube videos. On the other hand, there are other people that have gone viral with their impersonations and impressions. We at Qlty Ctrl have shared many of these videos on our site within the past few months alone. However, this guy takes the cake. Instead of celebrity impressions and other impressive impersonations,. RudiRok decided to create a video of himself performing 30 animal sounds perfectly. The question is “WHO CARES?” With barely over 100,000 views in almost a week, the answer is clearly “Not Many People.”

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