You’ll Love Guardians of the Galaxy Even More After Watching This New, Extended Trailer.

Guardians of the Galaxy is growing to quickly become one of the highest anticipated movies of the summer. Even though the overall excitement for X-Men: Days of Future Past and Spider-Man seemed to fizzle out a lot sooner than most people expected it would, that does not seem to be the case at all with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Why is that the case? Well, the fact that it is the first original, non-sequel concept that Marvel has developed in years is definitely a valid point. The Guardians of the Galaxy movie is also going to further help Marvel fans and critics understand the progression of the Marvel Universe Phase 2 since the Avengers ended. If you don’t like Captain America or Thor, it doesn’t really matter because the Guardians of the Galaxy are literally in a world all by themselves. This extended trailer was just released by Marvel UK and will provide you with even more exciting footage than the final trailer which was released in the US. What do you think about the Guardians of the Galaxy? Are you excited about this movie or do you think that it is just going to fizzle out and fade away like many other Marvel films of the past?

Guardians of the Galaxy. Could it be the best Marvel movie ever?

Guardians of the Galaxy. Could it be the best Marvel movie ever?

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