This Groom Clearly Loves His Bride – He Wouldn’t Even Let Liver Cancer Stop Their Wedding.

Liver Cancer Couldn’t Even Stop His Love.

Rowden and Liezl were enjoying their life, love and little girl as they prepared to finally have their dream wedding when the most unbelievable thing happened – Rowden was diagnosed with a severe case of Stage IV liver cancer. However, even though his diagnosis requires him to be hooked up to different machines and remain bedridden, he refused to allow that to stop him from getting married to the love of his life on his 30th birthday. The entire wedding ceremony was filmed and posted online by Hasset Go back in June and has already been viewed over 10 million timesRowden and Liezl have clearly proven that nothing can stop true love – not even a terminal illness that forces you to enjoy one of the biggest days of your life from a hospital bed.

Not even liver cancer could stop this wedding.

Not even liver cancer could stop this wedding.

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