From Bollywood to Beyonce, This Groom Performed It All in This Epic Surprise Dance!

An epic surprise dance! That seems to be the trend for most weddings these days. Whether it is a mother and son dance or a heartwarming father and daughter dance, it truly does seem as if there are just so many different ways to go viral just by having a creative dance on your wedding day. Shirin Rajaee was able to prove this by filming her brother’s epic surprise dance at his wedding. As you can see from this epic surprise dance video, the groom covered all the bases – from Beyonce to boy bands and even a little Bollywood! It wasn’t necessarily the best dancing in the world, but it was still cute enough to go viral – reaching over 8 million views in the past four days alone.

This was definitely an epic surprise dance!

This was definitely an epic surprise dance!

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