Now, THIS is How You Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich – Any Other Way is Disrespectful!

You might not know who Alton Brown is — but you are going to want to know him a lot better after you see this video. At the very least, you will want him to come over to your home and make you  a real grilled cheese sandwich. As he mentions in the beginning of the video, many people have been confused about the grilled cheese sandwich recipe primarily because of the fact that so many people have actually been making their grilled cheese sandwiches incorrectly. Alton explains that a grilled cheese sandwich should not just contain two slices of grilled bread with a slice of melted cheese in between them. NO! A grilled cheese sandwich should actually be a grilled sandwich with grilled cheese and he is going to show you exactly how to make this culinary masterpiece in this delicious video. Enjoy!

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