He & His GoPro Went for a Nice Swim – Until He Ran Into This Great White Shark

The GoPro camera truly has revolutionized the world of viral videos in more ways than you might think. Think abut all of the amazing footage that has been captured on a GoPro camera and uploaded to YouTube that almost immediately went viral. Do you remember the GoPro camera footage of Superman saving the day, the pelican in flight or even the leopard that stole the GoPro camera? This time around, the newest footage to hit the world of viral videos is a great white shark attack. This guy almost lost his life to a great white shark and had to fight for it aggressively – especially since the great white shark was clearly focused on taking him out! For some odd reason, though, he made sure that his GoPro camera captured every single second of the footage, however, and it has now been seen over 5.3 million times! Thank you, Terry Tufferson, for sharing this great white shark attack with the rest of the world and allowing us to see (once again) just how amazing the GoPro camera is as well.

GoPro Shark Attack

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