Great Gadgets For Watching TV

Things have changed since Vladmir Kosma patented the first television tube in 1923. We have grown from black and white, to colour, to digital and to 3D TV. We have moved from regular broadcast TV to cable TV and impressive pay-per-view programs. Despite the growth and so much history, there still are quite a lot of things you perhaps didn’t know about watching TV. Here’s a list of great gadgets for watching tv.

1. Audio Video RCA Cable for Apple iPod Video/Photo or Watching TV

Bring Your iPod Video/Photo to the Big Screens! Bring Your iPod Video/Photo to the Big Screens! Share your unique iPod experience with friends wherever you happen to be. Simply connect to the headphone or line out port of your iPod. Television requirements: RCA video and audio input jacks. Simply turn on Video Out setting on iPod and then plug the cables to TV and iPod. That’s it – and enjoy the show.

Purchase Now – CDN$ 22.07

2. Horizontal Lazy Prism Angled Glasses Lie Lying Down Read Watch TV

Lazy Lying Down Bed Reading Watching Horizontal Prism Angled Glasses
Lightweight and comfortable to wear. Specially designed for lying down watching TV, bed reading
These glasses transform your view to a 90 degree downward angle, enjoy your spare time in more relaxed and comfy way. Efficiently reduce pain and discomfort in the head, neck and lumbar spine after long time concentration. Suitable for short-sighted or presbyopic wearer. Radiation protection to some extent by indirect visual between screen and eyes. Great way to relax and enjoy yourself at the same time. Also ideal gift for bedridden patient and friend. Better to turn off the light to avoid shade.

Buy This Now – CDN$ 19.02

3. 2D to 3D HD 1080P Video Converter for Converting HD media player/Blu-ray player/XBOX360/HD-STB/DVD/PS3’s 2D Movies to 3D and Watching on 3D DLP Projector or 3D TV

This is a 3D DLP Projector converter which can Convert HD media player, Movies to 3D and Watching on 3D DLP Projector or 3D TV,will let you reflect truly 3D HD stereo effect. This is a perfect gadget for the movie addicts out there.

3D YOUR TV NOW – CDN$ 99.95

4. Portable Wireless TV Soundbox

Portable Wireless TV Soundbox

This product will greatly enhance audio output for those love to feel the movie.

What comes with this great product?

– Brings TV sound right in front of you. No more straining to hear your TV from far away
– Its volume control works independently from your TV speaker allowing you to turn the TV volume down or completely off
– Its high fidelity speakers deliver loud life-like sound and crystal clear dialog
– Adjustable Voice Enhancing makes each word fully intelligable and easier to comprehend
– It’s totally wireless and lightweight. The convenient handle allows you to take it with you wherever you’re watching TV even in another room
– Easy to install. Simply plug the transmitter (cable included) into the audio-out ports of your TV cable-box or music system
– The transmitter also serves as a charging dock when the Receiver is not in use
– Built-in rechargeable battery (up to 8 hours of listening time)

Boost your Audio Now – CDN$ 199.67

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