This Gone Girl Trailer Will Make You Think Ben Affleck is Guilty of Murder – But Is He?

There has been a lot of anticipation and excitement building up over the past year or so about the upcoming David Fincher-directed film, Gone Girl. The storyline itself is extremely captivating in addition to the cinematic visionary that is sitting in the director’s chair. However, the ensemble cast that is featured within this Gone Girl trailer is definitely going to blow you away. The next man to take on the role of the Caped Crusader, Ben Affleck, is the lead male role. However, his performance is complimented by many other stellar actors and actresses – including Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris and even Tyler Perry. From the very beginning of this Gone Girl trailer, you will start to think that Ben Affleck is actually the murder. But, is he? Trust us! You will shift your final answer from “Guilty” to “Innocent” several times while you watch the trailer. But, one thing is for sure – when this Gone Girl trailer comes to its climactic end, you will definitely be left wanting more.

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