If You’re Ever in a Sunken Canoe, This Girl’s Trick Might Save Your Life

Now that the weather is starting to warm up and more people have been searching for things to do during the summer months, more and more people will be renting canoes to take out on the water. However, keep in mind that canoeing is definitely not as easy as it might look – especially if you are not very experienced at doing so. It is extremely easy for the canoe to tip over while you are out in the middle of the water. When a canoe tips over, though, it is not the time to panic. Even when you have a sunken canoe that is filled with water, there are still quite a few steps that you can do to save the day and potentially save your life. The girl in this video has a canoe trick that she clearly has mastered in a relatively short period of time that she is willing to share with the rest of the world. Balancing directly on the edges of the canoe allows her to tip it repeatedly back and forth in a very impressive fashion. When you see what she does with the canoe, you will feel a lot safer out there on the water knowing that you can do the same exact thing!

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