Giraffe Fights Against Anything to Protect Her Newborn Calf – Even This Pride of Hungry Lions!

Giraffe vs. Pride of Lions – Who Wins?

This giraffe was willing to do anything it took to protect her newborn calf – even if it meant fighting against a pride of hungry lions!

That’s right! You would think that a giraffe would be fearful of a pack of lions – especially since these animals are considered the king of the jungle. On any other day, this giraffe probably would not have hesitated for a second to flee the scene and run for her life immediately. However, on this particular day, the giraffe was preoccupied with protecting her newborn baby that was a little too young to protect itself on its own. Instead of running or finding a way to hide, Kicheche Camps was able to capture this giraffe on film doing the most amazing thing – she stood there and fought against this pack of hungry lions until they had no choice but to give up. Keep in mind that there have been many different stories released over the years of mothers that were able to do some of the most impossible things to save the lives of their children. Clearly, that same concept applies in the Animal Kingdom as well. In most cases, when you see any footage of a pride of lions around an adult giraffe, the giraffe is already dead – much less their newborn baby. Not today! The things that a mother would do for her baby!


giraffe fights lions

This giraffe saves calf from a pride of hungry lions.

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