Without a Doubt, This HAS to Be the Largest Paper Airplane You Have Ever Seen

GoPro cameras have created massive window of opportunities to capture amazing footage – and we have shared quite a few of the viral videos of GoPro footage that have been posted online over the past several months. Do you, perhaps, remember the Superman footage when he wanted to return a GoPro camera to its owner, filming the entire experience? What about when the GoPro camera was stolen in an animal habitat or strapped to the head of a pelican in flight? This time around, the next GoPro camera video that is bound to go viral consists of a giant paper airplane in flight. Now, when you think about paper airplanes in general, you more than likely think about the basic ones that you made back in grade school when you were born in math class. However, this giant airplane is nothing like you ever created back in those days, but it will definitely inspire you to try and recreate this particular paper airplane within just a few moments after watching the video.

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