This German Blimp Hangar Might Look Boring – But Wait Until You See What’s Inside of It!

More than Just a German Blimp Hangar.

If you saw this German blimp hangar on the side of the road, what would you think?



German water park

German blimp hangar on the outside – so much more on the inside!


Would you stop your car and go to check it out? Probably not! Chances are you would never give this German blimp hangar a second thought, right? You would simply just keep driving on to something that you do care about and never think twice about it ever again. However, Casey Neistat refused to let outer appearances deter him. When he and his son saw this German blimp hangar, they knew exactly what it was because they had already done their research. You see, they knew that (inside of this blimp hangar) was the largest water park in the whole word – The Tropical Islands resort.  This video has already been seen over 100,000 times and is sure to go viral within the next few days – especially once the word starts to spread online about this crazy German water park. Whether you live in Germany or not, this video will have you searching for the nearest water park and/or German blimp hangar to your house!


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