How Gatorade Attacked LeBron James for Cramping in These Tweets Will Shock You

Game 1 of the NBA Finals. LeBron James has fought long and hard to push the Miami Heat through the postseason to even be able to make it to this point. Starting off, LeBron James did great – making sure that he kept the Heat in a tight race against the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs were clearly starting to show signs of weakness when it happened. LeBron James started cramping and had to sit out for the rest of the game as he watched a possible Game 1 victory for the Heat slip directly through his fingers. Thousands of fans flocked to Twitter to express their frustration – mocking, insulting and offending LeBron James in every way possible. However….their blows and Twitter attacks were nowhere near as effective as what Gatorade had to say.

Keep in mind that LeBron James is not sponsored by Gatorade. According to their tweets, LeBron decided to drink something else – even though Gatorade was right there on the sidelines at the game. It is clear that Gatorade had their boxing gloves on last night, because they were able to respond to every tweet referencing the Heat superstar with the VERY best diss tweets of all time. Our hats go off to the social media department at Gatorade! LeBron might play for the Heat, but….last night LeBron got burned.

Check out their tweets below:

The person cramping wasn’t our client. Our athletes can take the heat.”
Gatorade - Take the Heat



We don’t sponsor him. #fail”

Gatorade - Awkward Sponsor


We’ve been hydrating all day. We never cramp.”


Gatorade - Hydrating


Every athlete knows Gatorade is good at anytime of the day.” GATORADE: “Especially during important games.” 


Gatorade - Important Games


LeBron James actually drinks Powerade and they tried to come to his defense….

Powerade Comment


…but failed miserably in comparison.


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