Funniest Moments from Ali G

It is been ten years since 42-year-old Sacha has recorded anything under the stage name Ali G. This is soon bound to after Fox network agreed to air some episodes from Da Ali G Show together with new episodes of the show codenamed Ali G: Rezurection on their FXX comedy channel. In preparation for the new dose of fun and laughter, we have pieced up the best Ali G moments ever to jog your memory.

Ali G’s Visit to the FBI

Ali had a lot of things to talk when he took a trip down to the FBI’s. The entire thing is hilarious but him confusing ‘aii’ for ‘I’, and suggesting ‘guffing’ as a solution to getting criminals talk are true rib crackers.

Interview with Buzz Aldrin

We all expected Ali G to ask tough questions in this one but we did not have the questions he had in mind. We didn’t expect him to ask Buzz if he thinks we human could walk on the sun, perhaps during one cold winter or if he ever felt jealous for having all the Moonwalk go to Michael Jackson and not him.

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