You’ll Think Twice About Bob Saget When You See ‘Full House’ Recut as a Horror Film

You are more than likely a huge fan of the popular 90s family sitcom, Full House, which introduced us to such amazing celebrities as the Olsen twins, Bob Saget, John Stamos and a current DWTS finalist — Candace Cameron Bure. However, what if this particular TV series was not cute, cuddly and lovable at all? What if ‘Full House’ was actually shot as a horror film? This is the question that HSG Productions decided to answer with this creepy, viral video that took actual scenes from the hit show. Let us know what you think, but make sure you have an actual Full House episode clip to get these images out of your head as soon as possible. Chances are, though, that you will never look at ‘Full House’ the same way again.


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