For This Free Fall Drop, There Are No Ropes, Cables or Harnesses – And People Pay to Ride It!

If someone offered you to take a 100-feet free fall drop without any ropes, cables or safety harnesses, would you take it or would you look at them like they are the craziest people that you have ever seen in your entire life? Probably the latter, right? Of course! Any sane person in the right frame of mind would! The fact that this is actually a ride that people pay to take a theme park just boggles your mind, doesn’t it? Yes – that’s right! You can pay to go to the Sky Tower in Denmark and take this 100-feet free fall drop without the safety attachments of any harness, cable or rope. All that you will have holding you up is a single chain that is latched on to you before taking that type of plunge. Are you excited? Would you do it? Would you take this type of free fall drop at a theme park? As you watch this video from Theme Park Review that is specifically about this free fall drop opportunity and ride,take a few moments to think about what it would take to get you up there.


Sky Tower

Would you take a free fall drop from the Sky Tower?

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