Frank is the Happiest Dog Ever! You’ll Agree Once You See What He Does When He’s Asleep.

Meet Frank the happiest dog in the world! Yes, Frank is a very happy dog now that was adopted as a rescue dog from abusive owners when he was six months old. Rafael Borges is the man that successfully rescued him and saved him from the clutches of his abusive past, allowing him to eventually become known as the happiest dog in the world. Even though Frank is the happiest dog now, he clearly was not the happiest dog when Rafael first got him. However, that did not stop Rafael from giving him all of the love and attention that he needed to eventually become the happiest dog. Now, Frank is such a happy dog that he loves to wag his tail throughout the day…and even at nighttime when he is fast asleep. That’s right – Frank, the happiest dog in the world, not only shows how happy he is during the day when he is wide awake but enjoys wagging his tail when he is completely unconscious and in a deep sleep as well. Rafael should teach other people how he turned this sad dog into such a happy dog so that they can learn to share the love with their own canine companions as well. What do you think? Is Frank the happiest dog in the world?

Frank the happiest dog

Is Frank the happiest dog?


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