Frank Caliendo Reads LeBron James Homecoming Essay on ESPN – As Morgan Freeman

LeBron James Should Have Hired Frank Caliendo

Frank Caliendo – LeBron James. Two weeks ago, you would have never put those two words together in the same sentence. However, things have clearly changed.

Chances are that there are already two things that you know about LeBron James – (1) LeBron James is going back to the Cleveland Cavaliers and (2) LeBron wrote a lengthy homecoming essay directly to Cleveland Cavalier fans, players, coaches and critics to explain the reasons behind his decision. You may have read excerpts from his published essay either in print or online. However, Frank Caliendo was able to recite this speech in a way that no one else could on ESPN – he did it as the master of all voice-over narrations himself. Yes, Frank Caliendo read this homecoming essay as Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman. When you hear Frank Caliendo read off the homecoming essay, you will realize that it is nowhere near as boring as you thought. Perhaps LeBron James should have simply hired Frank Caliendo to read off his essay like this to the press when it was first released.


Frank Caliendo

Frank Caliendo has perfected the voice of Morgan Freeman, right?



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