This Fox Clearly Doesn’t Like the GoPro Camera – Especially Since He Tried to EAT It!

Spend Money So A Fox Can Eat Your GoPro Camera.

The Open Lens went directly to Alaska in order to film wildlife with a GoPro camera. During their travels, they were able to spot a beautiful fox. He admits that doing so was not the smartest thing in the world that he could have done. However, he was able to capture amazing footage on a GoPro camera on the ground near this beautiful animal — until the fox decided to take a bite out of it. That’s right! This fox decided to take a bite out of this highly expensive GoPro camera. Fortunately, while the fox decided to go and eat away at this GoPro camera, the camera was still filming the entire time. The Open Lens decided to turn this footage into a YouTube video and went viral. Isn’t it absolutely amazing, though? Keep in mind that this viral video is able to prove 2 things – (1) watching a fox on any video is one of the cutest things that you can do with your time and (2) a GoPro camera – while being one of the most expensive cameras on the market – is also one of the most sturdiest and durable cameras of all time. You have to admit that watching as a fox eats a GoPro camera while the actual camera is recording the footage is impressive.


fox eats GoPro camera

This fox tried to eat a GoPro camera.


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