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The guys here at Qlty Ctrl absolutely love food. I wouldn’t necessarily say I am connoisseur, but I enjoy every aspect of the dining process. From dreaming up a new recipe, to going to the supermarket to find the exact ingredients, to following the recipe almost to the t (I always end up implementing some of my own personal touches to a recipe).

Then, of course, there is presenting the food to my friends and family to feast on. The Food Lab is an excellent blog that somehow knows what I’m craving as well as my culinary questions. J. Kenji López-Alt is the author of The Food Lab as well as the author for The Serious Eats Book. We loved his recipes so much that we figured you all would as well. Here’s a list of his most recent posts that we absolutely loved. If you’re interested in reading more, go to The Food Lab blog here. This guy definitely knows his steaks. Pictures and text below are all exclusively from The Food Lab.

“This recipe combines a pork-based miso ramen with two brand-spanking new creations; my own personal humble additions to the ramen universe. The first is a crispy braised pork shoulder, while the second is a sweet, spicy, and bitter aromatic condiment. They’re going to stick around my repertoire, and I hope you consider incorporating them into your own because—not to toot my own horn—they are damn delicious.”

“Yesterday we made breakfast tacos with soft scrambled eggs, bacon, and spinach. Today, we’re going to tackle another form that I’ve often exchanged sharp words with: the potato breakfast taco. What’s the problem here? Soft tortillas wrapped around soft potatoes does not make for a satisfying bite; In order for potato tacos to be successful, there needs to be some sort of crispy element to them.”

“The American bison industry has been picking up recently with ground meat and other cuts becoming more regularly available in standard supermarkets. Over the next few months, I’ll be going over some of the major cuts of bison that you’re likely to encounter in the wilds of the meat department and how to deal with them to maximize deliciousness. First up: bison burgers.”

“Let’s start this post with the most basic of statements: Flipping your steak often during grilling or pan-searing will result in the best, most evenly cooked meat. Okay, it’s probably not a big spoiler to anyone around here anymore. But it’s the why that really makes the statement interesting.”

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